####Workshop ‘Leading innovation: ensuring patient satisfaction in health care
Tuesday afternoon (16.00 -20.00 hrs), 27 February 2007

Is this workshop intended for you?

You would find this workshop useful if you are a senior manager of any healthcare related activities with a stakeholder role, for example, in Health Insurance Companies, Hospitals, Social Services, Hospitality Providers, Tour Operators, Airlines and Government. You are cordially invited to attend the workshop if you are interested in exploring various facets of emerging healthcare service. If you like to hear the voice of your colleague managers, the workshop might be a suitable occasion. The workshop focus is on possible innovative steps: improving the effectiveness of patient satisfaction through a personalized healthcare provision approach and increasing organizational efficiency.


The workshop objective is to identify areas of needed research from the perspectives of process, context and content. At the process level there is an urgent need to qualify and quantify the likelihood of occurrence of market change, impacts of possible solutions, and translate the same into innovative opportunities in more effective and efficient healthcare service provision.


There is an increasing need to incorporate the patient’s voice more effectively so as to enable tailor-made health service provision. The elicitation of voice and its translation into content through a patient-centric approach is becoming the ‘next’ best practice and most relevant for the healthcare service chain stakeholders. The shift in centre of gravity in healthcare provision from a supply-driven to a patient-need driven approach, mounting costs and need of healthcare services raise the sense of urgency amongst diversified stakeholders to explore pertinent opportunities. New opportunities are arising such as healthcare hotels, combining travel and planned surgery, and group treatment. Some are still hype, others believe to be a real break through.


The discussion on innovation at the workshop will examine different approaches to “mapping innovation space” (context) and key issues in innovation management that are shaping our agenda. The main idea behind our workshop initiative is that it affords an excellent opportunity for the consolidation of various interests in their proper perspective and their integration for designing and developing improved healthcare service.

Creating a platform

Whilst brief the workshop is intensive and meant as a kick-off to a future series of compact workshops. Its aim is to create an atmosphere for sharing views of common interest to various stakeholders. We intend to create a platform to enable communication and launching of ideas directed toward specific activities in future. Specific activities that project interests of each stakeholder group separately and exclusively could then be taken up for potential focused research within the healthcare sector. RSM Erasmus University Rotterdam is interested in taking a lead role in the coordination of this workshop series that will be underpinned by research, interactive in nature and pragmatic in approach. De Nederlandse Stichting voor BedrijfsProces Innovatie facilitates all aspects related to business process innovation and will support to build mutual trust among parties.


The seminar is co-organized by Professor Frank Go, RSM Erasmus University Rotterdam and Academic Director of the Master of Hospitality Management and Dr Murthy Halemane (Management of Innovation at RSM Erasmus University) with Ronald Israels (Nederlandse Stichting voor BedrijfsProces Innovatie, Secretary).

Some broad workshop outcomes

Toward a complete redesign of the healthcare service, the participants may wish to assess in the present workshop a set of action plans related to:

  1. Recognizing disruptions that are taking place in the participant’s own field of practice;
  2. Identifying changes in other related fields that are relevant due to their impact;
  3. Listening to the voice of the stakeholders involved at different stages of the healthcare service (Identifying people’s wants or “what”)
  4. Scrutinizing “how” the services will satisfy the people’s wants (Identifying specific service features that would satisfy people’s wants: service level, efficiency and cost)
  5. Examining competing services (How well do competing services meet people’s wants?)
  6. Determining the desirable features of the new services (How does the performance – service level, efficiency and cost – of the new services score against that of the existing services?)
  7. Questions that may require further research e.g. via Master Thesis Project.

Program Tuesday afternoon, 27 February 2007, 16.00 hrs.

  1. Introduction by Professor Frank Go
  2. Exploratory presentation: Transforming “what’s” to “how’s”
  3. Discussion with participants
  4. Drink and light dinner for participants
  5. Evaluation and planning next steps


Hogere Hotelschool, Brusselselaan 2, Scheveningen (exact venue is the Villa just behind the main building – Training & Consultancy department). Telephone: 070-354 4849