Our Man in Havanna

Our Man in Havanna

In the old days it was common for an anchor man to be referred to as ‘Our man in..‘. It became even more common with Graham Greene’s 1958 novel “Our man in Havana”. Longman’s dictionary also refers to the term as “a man who is the representative of a country or organization in a particular place.”

I am trained as a zoologist (BSc) in Sydney, a Financial Controller (Masters) in Amsterdam, and an Information Security auditor (CISA) in cyberspace. It’s a multi disciplinary background but perhaps not as unrelated as you may think: corporate life is just like the Darwin’s theory. It is not about strength but about speed to adapt to environmental change. Cross cultural training is all about animal behaviour: why do we do the things we do?

Last year I met Tom Peters, yes the author of ‘In Search of Excellence’. He admitted to still advocating his old thesis that the biggest threat to a company is from within: the lack of adaptation, the slow pace to recognise and implement organisational change.

My main interests are doing business with India and its related cross cultural impact, strategic organizational change, and the juncture between Finance and Information Technology. In corporate life change has become a virtual constant, one you may as well have a proactive approach to. IT, specifically Open Source, can be a great business enabler and enhance an organizational learning and its KSA – knowledge, skills and attitudes.

Thoughts are rarely random or straggling though. After all, semantic content is causally efficacious and depends on what it is used for. Documenting this content turns it into a repository, a clearing house of some of my apparent random thoughts and those I am fortunate to come across. I hope it will lead to some ideas worth spreading.