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Delete @eaDIR folders

These are index folders the presence of which can be quite annoying.

To locate them

find . -type d -name "@eaDir"

if you’re feeling ok about automatically deleting them then:

find . -type d -name "@eaDir" -print0 | xargs -0 rm -rf

On a Synology NAS you can disable feature as follows

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Is your nfs working

I use nfs quite a lot. It allows local access to remote files i.e. the remote folder is mounted locally so you can access the remote files locally.

Often overlooked, make sure the proper NFS RPC-based services are enabled for portmap (not required for nfs4). Issue the following command

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Support Net Neutrality

Internet neutrality is a big deal. It enables you, or anyone else, to complete at a true level playing field with large corporations.

Early last year Mark Zuckerberg had pushed to break net neutrality in India. It failed! Read here more about Facebook's biggest setback in the Guardian.

Now the

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cron errors only

If you run a cron job and you would like to only see the errors  reported use cronic on Centos or chrronic on Ubuntu. The latter comes with the package moreutils

apt-get install moreutils
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Search for a text string within files

At times you see that a particular image or so is not found when loading a web page and you are at a loss where the call came from. At least I had that today when I noticed that a menu image was called. The command to search for that

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