Our Man in India

Management Consultancy


Alfred tuinman

I like to think out of the box about corporate issues and give businesses guidance in building their teams and expand their company’s presence in India. I don't look at importing your problems but on exporting your innovation. Contrary to popular believe, many Western firms are outsourcing R&D. Others are in-sourcing but not to the West but say in India itself. Shell is a good example.

Often most businesses don't understand the true need they have nor the have a process for finding talent that would fit in the businesses' culture, be willing to relocate to India, have any sense of how to do business in India, or have any knowledge of the regulatory framework to build a successful sales channel. With the ground support of your man in India, companies can now determine their needs and the types of employees that will succeed best at their company.

Spend your time wisely by hiring your man in the field. I would love to talk to you more about your needs and connect with you!

Kind regards,
Alfred Tuinman

P.S. In case you are interested, click this link to see my CV for your perusal.