Need an independent Director?

I am an independent director and a Fellow Member of the Institute of Directors. Aged 20 I migrated to Australia and co-founded an international tour operating company while still at university. The many years in the travel industry has no doubt shaped my stakeholder management. My IT skills are extensive in the firm belief that transparency of data leads to a better work place. I am therefore a fervent user of Open Source software.

My educational background is Science (B.Sc.), Finance (MA) and IT (CISA). I have worked in various forms in Engineering, Software, Shipbuilding, Oil & Gas, Banking, Travel, Insurance etc. and as a result I love to look across functional domains.

Cross-cultural Differences

Cultural differences start at home: news anchors, newscasters or newsreaders are terms for one and the same thing yet used depending on which part of the world you are from or the broadcaster you are watching.

These news anchors used to refer to their colleagues in the field as “our man in …“.

It became even more common with Graham Greene’s 1958 novel “Our man in Havana” until, I suppose, that phrase became politically incorrect when women joined the field. The people in the field remain the experts though as they are close to the news source, capable to discover the facts first hand, and above all able to verify the facts being reported.

Longman’s dictionary refers to the term as “a man who is the representative of a country or organization in a particular place.”

If you have plans to venture into India,
something you ought to have

do allow for time and funds for your business plan to be overhauled and the start up phase to be accompanied by an expert. It will pay dividend and peace of mind.

Organisational Transformation

Corporate life is just like the Darwin's theory: it is not about strength but about speed to adapt to environmental change that makes a company survive.

A few years ago I met Tom Peters, yes the author of 'In Search of Excellence'. He admitted to still advocating his old thesis that the biggest threat to a company is from within: the lack of adaptation, the slow pace to recognise and implement organisational change.

Corporates in the West have been slow to adapt to the economic shift to Asia. Change has become a virtual constant, one you may as well have a proactive approach to. IT, specifically Open Source, can be a great business enabler and enhance an organisation's learning and its KSA - knowledge, skills and attitudes.


Certain sectors, like software, can grow at great speed due to the availability of a skilled workforce and few statutory issues. For example, C++ programmers, slowly becoming extinct in Europe, are in good supply in India. In other sectors one may have to accept that on the job training is required.


Some of the companies and clients I have worked for in one form or the other